My name is Yaadhav Raaj. I am a Research Engineer, who has been involved in the Robotics and Computer Vision space for the last 5 years, in both research and industry domains.

From 2015 to 2016, I was working on marine robotic platforms, working on autonomous under water vehicles and surface vessels with Bumblebee. I worked on perception and state estimation algorithms using state of the art sensors such as the Teledyne Blueview Sonar, Sparton AHRS-8 and SICK Lidar. During this time, I aided my team in winning international competitions (2nd place and 4th place at Robosub 2015 and RobotX 2016), and got our work accepted to IEEE Oceans 2016 (patent pending). My work is now a part of the startup BeeX.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked as the  working on automating the aviation cargo handling space, at TUM CREATE. I worked on perception and control algorithms using an ABB controlled GÜDEL platform, Beckhoff automation controllers and Basler TOF cameras and was the lead perception engineer.  My work has now been deployed at Changi International Airport, as part of the startup SpeedCargo.

From 2018 to 2019, I worked at Perceptual Computing Lab at the Robotics Institute CMU. There I worked on the Openpose project (5th biggest C++ Project on Github), working on software compatibility and GPU acceleration, and doing research on person tracking and Re-ID. My work there has been accepted to CVPR 2019 as an Oral paper and to ICCV.

I am now a graduate student at in the Master of Science in Robotics program in CMU, where I am working on real-time Depth Estimation for ADAS/Self-Driving using various sensor modalities (Monocular, Stereo, Lidar) and Adaptive Lidar Fusion using Light Curtains. I also recently interned at Uber ATG.